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How do I become denationalized?
“By detaching yourself mentally from the state” I would tell you. If you want to read other material besides the blog, start right here. The mentality does not happen overnight, but only after reading dozens of books. I have taken the time to list all the books I have read on my Kindle Paperwhite in the past years. The books until the end of 2014 are divided into categories. You can see more or less chronologically what has influenced me over the past few days and weeks (as of May 27th). Mainly history, psychology, writing and biographies – but not only. With a purchase via the link you support the blog! Thank you very much for this!

Get Successful Quickly through Personal Development

Secrets of Social Success

Biographies that show you the way to success

Understand the world successfully

The Secret of Selling

Marketing Success for Beginners

The key to successful time management

What you can learn from history for your success

Initiate the change to success with travel

Guaranteed success with finances

Set ultimate success for the future

Be successful as a digital nomad

Success strategies for founding a company

Successful habits for more creativity

Be successful with women, be successful with men

Write successfully

The power of silence – success with meditation and mysticism

Success knowledge to never be cheated again

Inspirational novels for your success

Be successful with knowledge from popular science

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