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We are proud to publish on our blog a very special article written by Dirk Kreuter, a sales trainer, speaker, multi-entrepreneur and best-selling author who is quite famous in Europe and Germany in particular. Dirk has more than three decades of experience in helping both large DAX-listed companies and small and medium-sized enterprises generate millions in sales, and often shares his valuable knowledge and unrivalled experience in the field of globalisation, a practice that offers great opportunities for digital nomads and freelancers alike.

His impressive track record and ability to significantly scale his own business in just five years makes his advice and insight unparalleled in value and assurance. Join us in this article to benefit from Dirk’s extensive knowledge and learn how to turn the world into your game board.

Milan or Madrid –it is all about selling!

“Why stand still when the good is so close at hand? This quote from businessman and economics professor Hermann Simon sums up perfectly the advantages of the globalised environment. The world has been moving closer and closer for decades: national borders are now a mere obstacle in most cases, and economic relationships are established and maintained across the globe. The whole world is connected through internet and in permanent contact, making it possible for freelancers to work for German, Spanish or American companies from anywhere in the world.

Digital connections allow information to be exchanged in a matter of seconds, almost completely eliminating the problem of physical distance. Globalisation opens a huge range of career opportunities (especially at the individual level) and allows professionals to virtually choose their physical workplace. Who has not dreamed of swapping their dusty, boring office cubicle for remote working from a beachfront home? Or of swapping their 8-hour Monday to Friday for a flexible working day in a cabin in the mountains? Or of replacing their lunch break with a taste of exotic dishes to discover foreign cultures?

Opportunities for a career abroad as a digital nomad or freelancer are more diverse and accessible than ever, but how could you put such an adventure into practice? What do both employees and employers need to bring to the table to survive in a foreign environment?

With your ambition as your baggage

Due to the radical changes the world of work has undergone in recent years, digital nomads and freelancers have been experiencing an increasing variety of opportunities abroad for some time now. Traditional spatial restrictions that once tied you to a specific location have gradually been replaced by a flexibility and freedom never seen before. This opens the door to a myriad of advantages for those whose professions offer the possibility of working remotely. Digital nomads, for example, can apply geo-arbitrage and live in cheaper countries without having to sacrifice a high-quality working environment and a decent salary.

Many locations not only offer an inspiring and idyllic environment, but also a significantly lower cost of living, allowing freelancers to optimise their lifestyle and increase their financial health. Working in multicultural environments and being exposed to different work styles, ideas and perspectives is more than just a collateral bonus of this lifestyle.

Embarking on this adventure not only promotes your professional development, but also broadens your personal horizons. Naturally, the controversial work-life balance is also optimised thanks to globalisation: digital nomads can organise their working hours more flexibly, which helps to reduce stress levels and considerably increase their quality of life. Moreover, they can organise their working environment according to their preferences —whether in a cosy café, in a coworking space, or directly on a deckchair in the middle of the beach. Digital platforms and online marketplaces offer global access to potential clients, giving freelancers access to an infinitely wider range of projects and clients.

So why work only for national companies when, for example, a Swiss employer offers me more in terms of money and job prospects? The growing acceptance of teleworking by companies around the world is opening doors for digital nomads and freelancers from all over the world. You now have the opportunity to work with renowned international companies, which will not only strengthen your professional reputation, but also give you access to exciting projects and entirely new networks. In short: the world becomes your workplace!

Become your own brand

Freelancers working from abroad for exclusively domestic clients face the challenge of marketing themselves effectively in order to get interesting projects: if no one knows you, no one will hire you. Therefore, effective self-marketing is crucial to convince potential clients and gain the trust of local companies in your professional sector.

Freelancers do not only sell their services: they also sell themselves to a certain extent. Digital nomads should start by establishing a professional online presence. This means creating an attractive portfolio that comprehensively presents past projects, skills, and experiences. Meticulously designed profiles on popular freelance platforms (such as Upwork or have an easier time making a name for themselves in the relevant sector.

An attractive profile that describes you favourably, a concise summary of your skills and a detailed description of your previous work experience help to build the necessary confidence in your capabilities and services. This type of communication plays a key role in attracting local clients when living abroad: clear and professional communication is essential, both for written correspondence and for any video conferences you set up.

In addition, training in your country’s business culture and working methods can help you meet or exceed your potential clients’ expectations. Exceeding expectations (that is, delighting the client in every possible way) is often the most powerful weapon in securing yourself as a freelancer. Referrals and recommendations are also effective tools for convincing domestic clients who are reluctant to take the plunge, as they highlight your reliability and professionalism.

Once digital nomads have built up a certain client base, it will be much easier for them to get new assignments from abroad. Transparent feedback mechanisms on online platforms or on your own website can help you to further reinforce your credibility. Even active participation in specialised forums, online communities and networking events can increase your own visibility and bring you closer to potential clients.

Freelancers should not miss any opportunity to get noticed and put themselves in the spotlight, although a more targeted approach to companies that specifically need the services you offer can also be a highly effective strategy. In any case, the ability to sell yourself is the key to success or failure when working as a freelancer from abroad.

Selling is a learned skill

With all the advantages of a globalised world and the simplified opportunities to carve out a professional niche on the other side of the world, a business getaway abroad can be very tempting. However, when it comes to sales —especially selling yourself completely independently— there is still no magic formula: failing to carve out a future far away is especially tough because of the red tape you’ll have to go through if you decide to turn back and go home…

All the more reason to get going and try to learn as soon as possible how to reach the people you want to reach!


And thus ends today’s guest post. Undoubtedly, being a businessman or entrepreneur who offers his services or even products without being tied to any place, is currently a great advantage. If you want us at to help you make the most of it and legally avoid paying taxes, you can hire our consultancy service to help you create a plan that allows you to take control of your life and escape the burden of the State.

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