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Long ago, you learned what Perpetual Travelling actually is. For many, it was indeed a mystery until now, but it can be very useful in many situations. Today we want to delve into the topic and present the many advantages that you may soon be able to enjoy as a Perpetual Traveller.

I do not want to go on any longer, so let us get started right away. I have identified 23 advantages. In this article, I would like to touch on them only very briefly, as either I have already written about them (and they are linked accordingly), or they are benefits that are not yet applicable.

I have been living this way for a long way and hopefully soon you will too!

23 advantages you can enjoy every day as a PT

1. Full sovereignty: Live your life the way you want to

The motto of the blog is “Your life belongs to you,” which suggests that you have the autonomy to control your own body and mind, as well as make decisions according to your own will. It is unjust for anyone to infringe upon your freedom and coerce you into actions that go against your beliefs. However, it is possible that you frequently encounter such situations, but I won’t provide specific instances as it is likely that you can readily recall numerous encounters with various authorities.

As a perpetual traveler, you possess complete autonomy and are not obligated to comply with anyone, especially the authorities. At most, they can collaborate with you if you choose to enter a specific nation or acquire a permanent residency there voluntarily. As long as you steer clear of any complications, you have the ability to reside anywhere worldwide with absolute freedom. Your selection of a destination is entirely based on your own volition.

Having full sovereignty over yourself and your life can be very scary at first. After a while, however, you will discover how liberating it is. You just need to adopt the right mindset!

2. Mobility: work & live wherever you like it

Is it too cold for you in your country? Does the mentality of your fellow citizens annoy you? Have you had enough of a system without future? You actually love being in new places?

You can decide your location and, if necessary, quickly gather your belongings and relocate. I am currently composing these words at the airport in Malta, I will resume writing while aboard the aircraft, complete the article in Frankfurt, and publish it in Heidelberg. Is this a bold new era?

You have access to the entire globe – with few exceptions. Currently, there exist 206 self-governing regions, and as a resident of Europe, you have the ability to enter nearly all of them. Admittedly, only approximately 100 of these locales may be truly captivating to reside in, but ultimately, the choice of your desired destination is entirely up to you.

3 Flexibility: escape dangers and seize opportunities without wasting a second

Have I already praised flexibility? With mobility comes flexibility. Not only can you manage your time freely, you can also benefit immensely from sudden opportunities as well as quickly escape imminent dangers.

Being adaptable is beneficial not just for your schedule but also for your finances. The most affordable flights typically are exclusive promotions or mistake prices that have a limited validity period – sometimes only a matter of minutes. As a flexible Globetrotter, you possess the ability to seize these opportunities promptly; after all, you can travel freely around the globe. Additionally, you have the option to visit the airport spontaneously and potentially find last-minute deals. Conversely, there is a chance that you may be on an overbooked flight and choose to voluntarily relinquish your seat, resulting in a pleasant compensation.

However, air travel is just one of the many situations where flexibility really pays off. There are quite a few more, which we will perhaps highlight in a future article.

4. Economic freedom regulation: run your business as you please

Do you know what the best thing about being a Perpetual Traveller is?

As a PT, you do not have to register a business, and you are subject to almost no constraints! You can operate in a free market if your business is on the internet, your server and domain are in the right countries and your business model is not too complex. A great way to make money.

As long as you keep perpetual travelling, you can run your business idea privately as a freelancer or sole trader without any problems. Of course, this can cause problems with payment service providers, banks and so on, but these can usually be circumvented. In the long term, of course, it is advisable to set up an offshore company, especially if you are aiming for permanent residence in a particular country. In the short term, however, and especially for the start of your new life as a Perpetual Traveller, you do not have to deal with the bureaucracy of setting up a company if you do not absolutely need the company status. Instead, concentrate on travelling, enjoying and earning money!

Once you begin generating a higher income, you have the opportunity to establish a business, create business banking accounts, and address other matters. However, currently, it serves as a mere diversion from the true focal point.

Nevertheless, being a Perpetual Traveller still offers numerous benefits such as exemption from anti-discrimination regulations, safeguards against termination or minimum wage regulations for workers, etc. That being said, it is likely that you would primarily engage independent contractors for your employment needs.

You can also avoid many other arbitrary restrictions on your creative freedom, which brings us to the next point.

5. Tax exemption: all net

You probably already know that Perpetual Travelling can mean tax exemption, but I would like to briefly stress the implications of this: You always earn NET!

If you suddenly earn all of your income after taxes and have minimal expenses, you can live an extravagant lifestyle as a Perpetual Traveller with costs of just €10. Virtually anyone can find low-level jobs online that pay €10 (more details in the upcoming article). It’s more about being willing to do it rather than lacking the ability. What may only cover a single meal in your home country can turn into a small fortune as a Perpetual Traveller. You can experience a life of luxury with just €20 per day, which would only require working 2 hours per day. If the wages are lower, you would need to work a bit more, and if they are higher, you could work a bit less. It’s all up to you to decide whether you want to spend more and work more, or utilize your free time to start your own business or provide your own services.

However, 10€ is, of course, only the beginning of your career, with very easy tasks. With more specific knowledge in, for example, IT, it can go far beyond that. If you position yourself skilfully and have many skills, you can certainly start with 50€ per hour. Ultimately, there are no upper limits. Whether you earn 10€, 100€ or 1000€ an hour – as a Perpetual Traveller, the sum remains the same in the end.

Well… almost.

6. Geo-arbitrage: earn money in strong currencies and live in countries with weak currencies

Frequently, the currency you receive as income is different from the currency you use for expenses. You might earn in the euro, which may be weak but still decent, or if you are smart, you could opt to work directly in Switzerland and get paid in Swiss francs. However, it is possible to reside in countries where the local currency is very weak and constantly losing value, which means the money you earned becomes significantly more valuable all of a sudden.

Colombia, for example, is currently experiencing currency difficulties, although the country has great potential. This not only makes investing a good idea in the current situation, but also makes living and enjoying life in the country extremely cheap.

Remember geo-arbitrage, it holds the key to not only increasing your net worth but also enhancing its value. However, please note that this strategy is only effective in nations with less powerful currencies. Even if the gains from this method may seem inconsequential to you in the future, it still renders investments in significant amounts much more enticing.

7. Antifragility: Not only are you safe from global crises, but you benefit from them

Antifragility implies that you can thrive under pressure. Being flexible and adaptable allows you to benefit from challenging situations. While one country may suffer, another country may experience improved well-being. As someone without a specific nationality, you may have emotional ties to certain “home countries,” but it is not necessary. If a civil war were to suddenly erupt, it would be wise to continue traveling and seek refuge in a safer country.

Certain countries possess a higher level of antifragility compared to others. For instance, Switzerland serves as a secure haven that attracts various financial resources during times of crisis. The Perpetual Traveller perceives crises in a similar manner. They view them as opportunities to be seized. While everyone else frantically sells their investments, the PT takes advantage of the aftermath and acquires valuable assets.

Making oneself more antifragile can be helpful in many areas. The PT organises his life in such a way that he not only defies resistance, but also gains positive things from it. He is not only robust… he is antifragile.

8. Permanent tourist status: as a tourist, you are often treated better than the locals

Have you ever been to Cuba?

If you have been observant, you would have likely recognized the extent of your privilege as a tourist while the Cuban people endure oppression on a regular basis. This disparity arises not solely from your financial contributions, but also from your position as a visitor. Similarly, in other countries, tourists typically receive preferential treatment compared to the locals. In certain cases, a small bribe may suffice to accomplish what locals are unable to attain, resulting in their marginalization.

As a PT, you are permanently a tourist. Although you only have a limited period of stay in the country, you benefit from it disproportionately. In the end, no one is interested in what you do with your laptop, because you bring foreign currency into the country.

9. “Illegal” pleasures: gambling, drugs … it is up to you

Many beautiful things that people have invented for pleasure are, unfortunately, illegal in certain countries. Some of these victimless “crimes” are even punishable by death, depending on the country. Fortunately, however, some countries are more liberal than others.

If you have an interest in gambling, it would be advisable to visit Nevada or Macau. If you have an inclination towards drugs, it would be worth considering a trip to Uruguay, Portugal, or Colorado. For any other activities that might be considered “illegal” in your own country, it is possible to find a suitable nation where you can freely indulge in them. By comparing the 206 different jurisdictions across the globe, you can discover various benefits in smaller states.

10. Women and men: finding the right partner(s) all over the world

Are you having trouble finding a partner? Do you want more than one, but are afraid of the social taboo?

Having a global perspective and considering various possibilities can lead to numerous opportunities. As a Constant Nomad, you have the freedom to connect with individuals from different parts of the globe, discover your ideal life partner during your travels, and ultimately establish roots in a country of your preference. While it may spark debates, obtaining dual citizenship through marriage is an alternative worth considering. It is notably convenient when partnering with individuals from Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, or Ireland. The reality is that these countries are not the least favorable options when it comes to finding a suitable companion.

11. Children: Raise children internationally and without compulsory schooling, or simply adopt

What applies to partners applies just as much to children. Cannot travel with children?

Not at all! In the recent years, I have met several families with many children who travel the world together without permanent residence, take their children out of the compulsory school system and have a lot of fun doing it. Of course, there are some compromises to be made compared to the individual PT, but perpetual travelling as a family is possible -as we will soon show in some interviews with those who live this way.

Granting dual citizenship to children at birth, so they can have the freedom to choose later on, can be a significant act in our current era. Similarly, couples who are unable to have children can effortlessly consider adoption as a means to fulfill their desire for a family. It goes without saying that most families who travel do not subject their children to substandard systems.

12) Take advantage of opportunities that are only available when you are present in certain countries

This aspect combines adaptability with other aspects. We have already mentioned the possibility that some activities may be unlawful in one nation while allowed in others. However, apart from these contradictions, there are exclusive prospects limited to certain countries. Whether it is the access to unique investments, experiences (such as volcano surfing, which is only available in Nicaragua, as far as I am aware), or even encounters with specific individuals, the Perpetual Traveler can exploit these opportunities freely. Instead of learning from students, why not visit the home country of the masters and engage in activities like Yoga in India, internal martial arts in China, or Krav Maga in Israel?

13. Escape constraints such as compulsory military service, compulsory voting, compulsory taxation or compulsory bookkeeping

As a perpetual traveler, you relinquish certain privileges. These privileges are not essential to you, like the privilege to participate in elections, the privilege to earn a living, and other commitments that others are obligated to support. Similarly, by becoming a PT without legal registration in your country, you also evade certain responsibilities.

For example, the obligation to pay income tax (and some other taxes), or the obligation to keep the accounts of your business. You do not have to do the bookkeeping at all.

Compulsory military service no longer exists in many countries. You would certainly have to be careful if your country were to bring it back. However, in general, as a PT you will be exempt from the duties that your state imposes on its citizens – of course, only if you comply with exit taxes and other conditions.

14. VAT refunds (for permanent residence outside EU)

A subject that we will soon discuss on is the reimbursement of value added tax. Being a long-time inhabitant of Constance, located in the state of Baden – Württemberg, Germany, I am well aware of the procedure. The Swiss opt to make purchases in Germany not only due to lower prices and more favorable exchange rates, but also because they can benefit from getting the VAT refunded. Similarly, individuals residing outside the European Union can also reclaim their VAT on all expenditures. You will find out the process to accomplish this on our blog very soon.

15. Good opportunities for multiple citizenships

Multiple citizenship opportunities are available to everyone, but the Perpetual Traveller has particularly good ones. It is not without reason that second passports are the supreme discipline of Perpetual Travelling. Every self-respecting PT has multiple citizenships: whether you buy them, obtain them by getting married or acquire them through a longer stay in the country; the fact is that you always have several options to benefit from.

16. Self-determination regarding your information (anonymity if desired)

As a PT, you can live completely anonymously if you wish. You can encrypt your data on the internet via Tor, use PGP, secure servers, domains and other services. Pay with Bitcoin and have multiple citizenships. All of this is legal, and will make you untraceable.

Similar to myself, you have the potential to be extremely lenient with disclosing personal details. Ultimately, this is the essence of self-determination. As a physical therapist, I do not desire to conceal my identity; instead, my intention is for you to embark on a personal journey of eternal exploration and potentially become a perpetual traveler.

17. No compulsory health insurance, compulsory contracting in Germany, cheap international health insurance

You currently receive a net income and can afford a modest lifestyle in numerous countries due to favorable exchange rates. Additionally, there are methods to reduce other taxes. At the start, the only obligatory expenses you may have are related to health insurance. Nevertheless, in Germany, the mandatory insurance coverage is so comprehensive that you may not even require it.

In the end, however, it is advisable to take out permanent international health insurance, which is usually much cheaper than comparable private insurance in Germany. More on this in a forthcoming article, which is already in preparation.

18. The best insurance is private insurance

If you have few expenses, live cheaply, and earn your money net, you can imagine how much money you will have left over.

As a PT, you are not trapped in the clutches of a snowball pension system, but can decide for yourself whether and how to make provisions. As a Perpetual Traveller, you have global investment opportunities and much more capital than most people your age. Especially if you live a minimalist life, you can quickly accumulate large sums of money, which, invested appropriately, can make you a millionaire within a few decades.

Imagine this scenario: hypothetically, let’s say you make 30€ per hour after taxes in the near future. Your work schedule consists of only 20 hours per week, resulting in a monthly income of 2400€. With this amount, you can live a life of luxury in your current country of residence. However, you only spend 1400€ each month, leaving you with a surplus of 1000€ monthly or 12000€ annually. If this amount is saved over a span of 2-3 decades, the final outcome can be calculated by yourself.

Certainly, it is more plausible that you will not require such a significant amount of funds, consequently your savings will be less. Nonetheless, there is a high probability that your earnings will be considerably higher and that you will have a longer employment duration. Ultimately, the choice is yours and due to your complete autonomy, you may opt to continue working well past the retirement age because you derive pleasure from your job.

However, with the current technological developments, the issue of pension provision will soon be a thing of the past anyway. If you are not going to be disabled for the next 20 years, you should not make too many provisions, since I personally believe that it will no longer be necessary. More on this soon in a future article.

19. More time for yourself by outsourcing everything you cannot/will not do

The intelligent PT delegates his work to others, thus saving time. This not only benefits himself but also offers a helping hand to junior Perpetual Travellers, assisting them in kickstarting their journey as PTs. has recently employed a Virtual Assistant. This is an excellent method of lessening our workload, enabling us to focus on the main responsibilities.

20. Manage your time with total freedom

Keyword time. You possess significant adaptability as a physical therapist, although occasionally you lack flexibility. For instance, when you engage in writing while waiting at the airport, just as your flight is preparing for departure. In order for you to have reading material for the day, I will swiftly go over the final three topics!

21. Surround yourself only with positive people

Unfavorable individuals prevent you from pursuing your true desires. The notion of constant traveling, specifically, appears highly unfamiliar to numerous individuals. However, don’t allow that to impede you: connect with individuals who share similar interests and embark on your journey. Negative individuals lack the authority to hinder your life. You have the ability to select who you wish to have around you.

22. Meet many interesting people

Similarly, you will encounter numerous fascinating individuals while exploring different countries as a physical therapist. Regardless of being an introvert, over time you will effortlessly engage in conversations with fellow international inhabitants – you will share so many similarities that your timidity will eventually fade away!

23. You can always return to your home country, with a lot of capital, experience and contacts to improve the country

In conclusion, I wish to emphasize that as a PT, you have the option to repatriate to your native land. If you have followed all the necessary procedures, there is no reason to fear the tax authorities or any other organizations. Instead of witnessing your country descend into a state of conflict, return with abundant knowledge, connections, and resources to rebuild a stronger nation out of the wreckage.

These points certainly need more explanation, and over the next few months we will try to give you all the essential details.

Become a Perpetual Traveller – Because your life is yours!

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